No doubt, UNO is a great card game that is also easy to learn and can give unlimited hours of fun while playing it. If you wish to know how to play the game and its rules, then better keep reading. 

Step 1. Use an UNO card deck. The standard UNO deck compose of action cards which include draw 2, skip and reverse, wild draw four cards and wild cards as well as 108 cards with 4 colored suits of Yellow, Blue, Green and Red. Check out this site here. 

Step 2. Choose a dealer by asking all players to choose a card from the deck and the one who has the biggest number will be the dealer. In this case, all action cards including wild draw four cards have a zero value. 

Step 3. Deal all players with 7 cards and put the remaining cards in the middle. These cards will be referred as draw pile. 

Step 4. Turn top cards of draw pile and put card next to draw pile to be able to form a discard pile. 

Step 5. Take turns which will start with the player to the dealer's side and have a clockwise turn around the table. You can also learn more about UNO by checking out the post at 

Step 6. Put one cards on discard pile when it's your turn. The card you have must have the same wording, color and number as top card of discard pile, unless you have a wild card in which the case you may pick which color cards can be played. 

Step 7. If you can't discard, draw a card but if you can, just continue playing otherwise, it is the turn of next player. 

Step 8. Announce a suit when you are playing a wild card on discard pile. You can play wild anytime you like and name any suit you wish. Click here for article! 

Step 9. Announce the suit when placing wild draw four card on the discard pile. When you are playing a wild draw four card, next player must pick up 4 cards from draw pile. 

Step 10. Follow the action card's direction that is played on the discard pile by player next to you. 

Step 11. Do not forget to say UNO when you have one card left in your hand. If you forget to say it and another player catches you, you must draw 2 cards. 


Step 12. Tall all of the scores of players and by the end of the game, the player who is out of cards will be able to get all the points.